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Special General Meeting: 17 August 2018

Do not be misled by information from those opposing our proposals for a new constitution. There is no truth that Members will lose their free access to Kirstenbosch and all other National Botanical Gardens. The CEO of SANBI has confirmed this. BotSoc's excellent relationship with SANBI is in no danger and the Memorandum of Agreement between SANBI and the Botanical Society is firmly in place and respected by both parties.

We have to fix our Society! The choice is yours, but we urge you to vote in SUPPORT of the proposed new Constitution and the interim Council for the following reasons:

If you Support the new Constitutions, members:

  • will continue to get free access to Kirstenbosch and other SANBI Gardens
  • can raise funds! Between 1991 and 2005, R65m was raised by volunteers! We will arrange Plant Fairs, approach local and international donors and sponsors etc.
  • can support Kirstenbosch Garden and help with other National Botanical Gardens
  • can decide what ventures and projects to support e.g. transformation, other branches, outreach projects, support for publication of botanical and educational material
  • will be able to participate in and enjoy a flourishing, revitalised and motivated Kirstenbosch Branch.

If you vote Against or Abstain, Kirstenbosch Branch members will continue to get free access to Kirstenbosch and other SANBI Gardens.

BUT our activities and funds are subject to the discretion and control of the Executive Director and Council. This means that:

  • we cannot raise funds or sponsorships without permission
  • all funds raised belong to BotSoc National and not to the Branch
  • we cannot choose to support Kirstenbosch - ED and Council will decide where any support should be directed
  • we cannot support other branches and ventures - ED and Council decide
  • we cannot arrange ventures and projects - ED and Council decide.

In short, there will be no point then in having any Branches and they will probably collapse. Then Council and the Executive Director will decide how to allocate the funds raised from membership fees without members having any say in the spending of those funds.

To have your say

  • attend the Special General Meeting on 17 August 2018 at 17h00 for 17h30 in GH1 Lecture Hall, University of the Western Cape. Buses will depart on the day from Kirstenbosch Garden Gate 2 between 15h00 and 15h30. NB: if you wish to make use of this serviced kindly RSVP to
  • or you may apply for a Postal Vote via email with your membership number to or by telephone to 021 797-2090. NB: closing date for submission of postal votes is 12h00 on Friday 20 July 2018.

Introduction to the members of the proposed Interim Council

Clarifying the Constitution

Salient features of the proposed New Constitution

The Way Forward

Notice of Special General Meeting 17 August 2018

Requisition of SGM to adopt new Constitution

Annexure A BotSoc National Constitution

Annexure B BotSoc Branch Constitution

Chairman's Report